Commence Burpee time!!

We all run into this word on a daily basis. We are accountable whether we like it or not for many choices we make. What we do at work, what we eat or in my case according to current logic what I don’t eat. Holding up your end of a deal!

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Burpee Beat Down!!!

Burpees!!! Some love them and some hate them. I myself belong to the later group. It seems as though our coaches belong to the group that likes the benefits that can be achieved with this exercise.

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CAN’T!! CAN’T!! CAN’T!! CAN’T!! CAN’T!!…………..

I think today was the day that I pushed Coach Sonja over the edge! We all know that I have some gym traits that are just part of the daily routine. I whine, I gripe, I complain, I talk (I am a certified pro at that) and of course I occasionally use the word “can’t”.

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