CAN’T!! CAN’T!! CAN’T!! CAN’T!! CAN’T!!…………..

I think today was the day that I pushed Coach Sonja over the edge! We all know that I have some gym traits that are just part of the daily routine. I whine, I gripe, I complain, I talk (I am a certified pro at that) and of course I occasionally use the word “can’t”.

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Get up Greek!!

Today at Results I was made to do something that I have been able to impressively avoid doing for all this time. Turkish Get ups!! My workout was at 11 AM today and it usually takes a day or two to feel the affects and soreness of a good workout.

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Come down off that ledge….

Friday was the end of our two week stage and today was the day to check the results. Last week I had an unexpected upturn on the scale. I had gained four pounds (good pounds if there is such a thing) and was not very pleased.

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