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We feel there is no “one-size fits all” training or membership plan. Why? Because we are not all one size. Therefore we offer several options for members and non-members to work with our Professional Fitness staff. This is the reason Results the 24 Hour Gym has become the Sacramento leader in Group Training. Whether your goal is to shed excess body fat, or to increase functional strength and endurance, our Group Training program will help get you there! The best personal trainers in Sacramento also train in small groups and run our Results the 24 Hour Gym Bootcamp programs.

Results the 24 Hour Gym Group Training offers you the ideal option to work with a instructor but in a low cost and intimidating sort of way. We offer a variety of far-from-the-ordinary group training programs! Fit Fundamentals & BTF Bootcamp a are a mix of unique programs and training methods designed for all fitness levels to work with fitness professional in a small group setting. Pi-Yo is a fusion of Pilates and Yoga Fusion and of course, what is a Group program without Zumba Fitness!
Zumba Fitness is a party, not a routine and the party is now at Results the 24 Hour Gym 4 Days/Nights a week

All Group Sessions are intended to be convenient and time efficient by maximizing your training efforts with the latest functional strength and performance training methods. Space is limited to guarantee everyone gets the session they schedule with no over crowding.

You will find that having a structured workout and the motivation of others will help you make the most out of every minute. You will learn and experience a variety of exercises sure to challenge and keep you guessing what our fitness coaches have in store next! This will give you more confidence in handling new challenges, both inside the gym, and out.

As for the results…your core strength, balance, endurance, power and flexibility will improve, while burning fat and building muscle tone will sculpt your body like no other! You’ll enjoy the motivation, and sometimes competition, of working with other members and friends. Don’t worry…all workouts are scaled to your ability and strength levels.

Results the 24 Hour Gym Group Training isn’t easy, but we promise that you’ll leave feeling you’ve had the most beneficial workout, while maximizing your time. After a few training sessions, you will wonder why you’ve been training any other way!

We’ve got a 100% Fail Proof Way to Help You Look and Feel Your Best!


Take a look at Angie, she worked with our team to change her body and drop several dress sizes

By the way, looking great is just one of the benefits to our program. By decreasing fat and increasing muscle tone your will dramatically improve your health and lower your risk for adult onset diseases.

Many people cannot see themselves committing to a workout program to improve their health but will it to fit in a pair of jeans. That is OK; what ever motivates you to get going is what is important. Take a look at Kelly’s story.

I’m a person who struggled with weight my whole life, up and down up and down forever. Exercise was never part of the equation. I hated it but knew I needed to find away to start moving. My daughter and I joined 1-2-3 Fit to do something together. We like the warm friendly atmosphere and the 30min workout seemed like something even I could do… I would say, “I can do anything for 30 seconds” as I struggled on the treadmill. Things really changed for me as they incorporated Fit-U. The personal attention the trainers give me have made a huge difference in my life. I have lost near 50 lbs. now and my body is changing in ways I’ve never seen. The more it does the more I WANT to see what it can do. I still whine all the time, and if the trainer looks away. I’ll still try and get away with doing less, which is why this kind of working out works for me. But I am now a believer. And Shhhhhh, don’t tell anyone……… I actually LIKE coming now.

Don’t Think You Can Drop a Size in Just 21 Days? We don’t just promise it, we guarantee it. By following our exercise program and the exclusive Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition and Meal Plan we back our commitment up with a 100% money back guarantee.

Each Member will receive a cook e-book plus 4 weeks of the exclusive Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition and Meal Plan.

We leave NOTHING to chance. Our Bootcampers and club members receive expert guidance including a GROCERY STORE TOUR designed to help you develop a healthier lifestyle and make better choices at the market.

Looking Good Naked is Possible for ANYONE, Take a look at Peter’s story

1-2-3 Fit is a remarkable model for achieving extraordinary fitness goals; I am an example of just what can be achieved. I started off about 4-weeks ago discovering, yes, I was clearly overweight, but even worse I was considered ‘obese’, and that was a blow to my psyche!! Under an excellent trainer and strict instructions ‘not to be gentle’ I embarked (and still ongoing) on a very aggressive exercise program completely customized to my individual body and goals; it didn’t stop there. I also totally (I mean totally) changed everything I eat including the frequency and amounts. At first measure, per my own bad habits, I was consuming 3000+ calories/day and that was a major surprise. After 4-weeks I am now consuming very, very healthy foods daily and down to about 1,300 calories daily, but even better I am not hungry! I also used to get bad headaches and become very tired around mid-afternoon until I eat the ‘bad foods’; and now no more headaches and no longer tired.
My system, per se, is becoming much ‘cleaner’ (organic and healthy)? My goal was to reduce from 204 lb to 175 lb over 3-4 months and reduce body-fat. After only 4-weeks, my weight has already dropped to 188 lb (a 16 lb reduction) and even better, body-fat has decreased from 51% to 22% and that I consider unbelievable.
Hopefully within a very short period I drop another 13+ lb and reach my weight target.


Need more proof, Petra dropped over 50 lbs and several dress sizes

Sign up for your free consultation and workout pass today. You will be glad you did. You will meet one on one with one of Sacramento’s best personal trainers to assess your readiness for boot camp session. You will receive a body fat analysis plus a fitness assessment, valued at $87 plus a free pass for bootcamp. No Risk or obligation. If you decide to get started on your first visit we will throw in a week of extra sessions at no charge.

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