The RESULTS personal training Program is effective for  young and old alike, from fitness beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts to elite athletes. Whether your goal is to shed excess body fat, feel more confident, increase strength and endurance, eliminate aches and pains, or just work on having more energy, we will help get you there! It is a very supportive approach to personal coaching that meets your needs in a fun, motivating, and time efficient manner to ensure you get results fast!

The Results : the 24 Hour Gym Personal Training Program is the most complete training program available to the public. It goes way beyond exercise.

Our personal training program consists of these eight key components:
A Functional Fitness Assessment
  • We need to know where you are starting, in a meaningful way
A Goal Setting and Coaching Process
  • We want to set goals and build a future that you want and that makes sense to your life
A Functional and Progressive Exercise System
  • You need to have a plan that is based on having fun, moving and getting results
A Motivation and Accountability System
  • We know that no two people are the same, so we develop a plan to motivate you to your goals
An Interval Cardio Program
  • We have a cardio program that gets you more results, in less time, with less injury
A Nutritional Education Program
  • No one likes restrictive diets, but people need info on how to make better eating choices
A Recovery Program
  • Stretching, self myo-fascial release, supplements, sleep and nutrition all work to keep you on track
A Consistent Physical Evaluation
  • You need to know what type of results you are getting and make adjustments

All of this is designed in a way to support you, get results and make you successful. Our Personal Training is about results, so much in fact, that if you follow our program, we Guarantee Results! This complete program is why people drive across town to train with us. We offer options like 1-on-1 or Partner and Semi Private Programs.  We’ll build a program that meets your time frame, your current fitness level, and your fitness goals. Our coaching programs are available in Speed and Full Hour sessions.

  Schedule a free Assessment with one of our coaches. Normally $87, yours free just for registering. Consult with one of our professional fitness coaches to create a plan that will deliver the best results.

Why Work with a Personal Trainer

Many Hollywood celebrities use personal trainers. But should you work with a personal trainer?

RESULTS personal trainers can help anyone, no matter your age, size or health status. The first thing to do is decide what your goals are. Would you like to be bigger and stronger? Wouldn’t it be nice to have tighter, more toned muscles? How great would it feel to be confident with your body and appearance? What about Weight Loss?

A personal trainer can help with all that and more. You can work with a trainer on a quarterly basis at no cost, just for being a member of RESULTS | the 24 Hour Gym. Members who are dedicated to meeting goals faster enjoying working with a personal trainer on a weekly basis. What it comes down to is how much time you can set aside for your health, for maximize results working out on a structured program, with a trainer, 4 times a week will deliver optimal results. You will see and feel amazing results!

Of course there is price for personal training, it varies based on how often you want to meet with the trainer. Results : the 24 Hour Gym’s trainers will offer discounts if you train with a partner or if you sing up for a larger package of sessions. Group Personal training, or Bootcamp, is another great way to work with a trainer. Affordable training programs are our specialty at Results : the 24 Hour Gym, Sacramento.

Results : the 24 Hour Gym specializes in a unique delivery of personal training. Our personal trainers must invest hundreds of hours in our proven program . Our personal trainers deliver the ultimate fitness experience using the most up to date, innovate and progressive training. There are many ways to find personal trainers but you need not look any further then Results : the 24 Hour Gym. Just look around out club and at any given time you can ask one of the may clients working with a personal trainer at the club. You can start by doing a Google search for personal trainer but that is like finding a needle in a haystack. Check out our testimonials and reviews on Citysearch, Google and Yahoo! The trainers are recognized in the area because of our guaranteed results program. Unlike many trainers in the area we back up our program with a 100% Results Guarantee. Health clubs sometimes have personal trainers but only Results : the 24 Hour Gym’s trainers deliver the most innovative training tools and techniques for the most amazing workouts.

Tips to look for in a personal trainer:

  1. Make sure they are experienced. Even though there are some fantastic trainers that are young and just starting out. You may want to consider hiring a trainer that has worked with many clients already.
  2. Make sure they are certified and insured. If you are going to confide your health based on recommendations of someone else make sure they have taken the proper certifications.
  3. Be sure that the trainer is a good fit for you. If you need someone that is going to be firm with you, be sure the trainer has the How will you trainer record your progress or and your goals.
  4. Does the trainer guarantee you will succeed. Of course, you will get whatever you put in to it. Many trainers are extremely confident in their ability and training and will offer a guarantee, providing you stick with the program.
  5. What is their cancellation policy. You shouldn’t need a long term agreement. About 8-10 weeks is what you need to really start to see the results of working with a trainer.
  6. What are the package and pricing variations?
  7. Can they provide actual client testimonials from folks that have experienced remarkable results.

What you can anticipate when you first meet up with a trainer…

Our trainers begin with a fitness assessment so that your trainer can find out where you are currently with your overall health and fitness. Although its not required, we strongly suggest that you seek clearance from a medical professional before starting any personal training or exercise program.

Your trainer will start by asking you some broad questions to better understand your unique goals and obstacles. Then he or she will take some measurements that will help you identify your starting point, so you can watch as you progress. They will customarily monitor your weight, body fat, blood pressure, body circumference (thighs, waist, hips, biceps, chest etc.), upper body strength, and core strength.

It is very important that you an your trainer outline all of this from the very beginning. A high-quality trainer will take all of this data and establish a custom-made plan that is unique to you an only you.

If you are serious about getting in shape and becoming fit, you should seriously consider working with a personal trainer at Results : the 24 Hour Gym. It will be the expertise, motivation and encouragement you are looking for.








Results the 24 Hour Gym

Sacramento CA personal training: Bridging the gap towards your dream

Maintaining a physically fit body is one of the things that people often think about in Sacramento CA.   Broadly, their aim is to either trim down or gain weight (usually the guys). In order to achieve their goal, some are spending hours in the gym lifting weights, doing crunches, among other things. However, little do they know, getting into a little personal training will speed up the process of having a well-toned physique. Results The 24 Hour Gym has bridged the gap between dreams and reality for so many people in physical improvement and development. Find out more here.  These Sacramento personal trainers serve people to the highest standards. All Results The 24 Hour Gym’s coaches and personal trainers share the same personal training interests and goals –- to be the most successful at helping their clients achieve their goals such as toning muscles and removing unwanted fats.  And yes, personal training has proven to be more effective in the science of physical development than “work outs”.

You will get the chance to learn all the positive ways and best examples on how to move your body, in a proper manner. Accurate and correct form greatly affects the speed of your development and greatly reduces the chance of injury.  Now how many Sacramento CA personal training programs can say that they’ve reduced injury or corrected a client’s injury?

Now, if you have been going to the gym or any fitness center regularly, and you do not see changes in your physique, it would be better to seek help and assistance from a personal trainer. In addition to the fact that our Sacramento CA personal training program provides you with an exceptional training experience, it is also something that you will surely enjoy. This has been a common problem and a major reason why many people opt out of going into Sacramento CA personal training programs. Most of them feel shy and insecure about how they look. They think that their body structure is far worst than anybody else’s. Our trainers are make clients feel at ease and comfortable during the process. There are no judgments at Results The 24 Hour Gym because we are your goal oriented. We encourage each client equally to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Without a doubt, there are certain things to be considered when you will enroll into a personal training program in Sacramento. At Results The 24 Hour Gym, our trainers will determine and assess the level of your endurance before placing you into a program, making the training achievable and realistic and you don’t feel like you’re on an assembly line. Aside from the proper ways of exercise, Results The 24 Hour Gym trainers will educate you on proper nutrition, as well as weight loss diets and pills and fads. You will get tips and advice from Sacramento’s experts, who have had successful experience with so many clients. Personal training will not only help you get in great shape, it will also teach you other things like to appreciate and enjoy life better; the act of discipline, especially with the foods you eat; teach you how to get and stay fit even under pressure and stress. These are just some of the positive results that you will get at Results The 24 Hour Gym, and these would also encourage you to participate more as you go along the training. Motivation and consistency are the keys to your success. Results The 24 Hour Gym’s Sacramento CA personal training and coaching program is the place to go because the trainers can lead you along the right path towards your dream of having the body that you really wanted – faster, easier, and possible.

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