All RESULTS training programs integrate lifestyle and calorie management.   Some clients need additional individualized attention in the area of nutrition and weight loss.    We partner with Dot Fit to bring our clients the best, no fad, scientifically proven programs backed with research and registered dieticians.  Choose from online nutrition planning, phone coaching or our exclusive Experspy calorie management system designed to allow you to finally be in complete control.
Looking for permanent weight loss in Sacramento? Join Results The 24 Hour Gym.

There are many effective options for weight loss other than yo-yo dieting and liquid fasting. If you live in Sacramento, you are in luck. You could be only one step away from permanent weight loss and a better life. In Results The 24 Hour Gym, Sacramento’s best equipped gym, you can achieve the weight loss you always dreamed of and kiss your blubber goodbye.
Whenever you hear about a revolutionary weight loss concept or secret that has been discovered, you should begin to worry.  This is not what is offered here at Sacramento’s Results The 24 Hour Gym. At Results The 24 Hour Gym, we guarantee you weight loss success with good-old common sense and solid scientific principles.

So just what are these tried-and-true weight loss strategies that are adopted by our team of expert trainers?  As opposed to just printing out a weight loss plan from the internet or following a one-plan fits all approach from a book , when you get a customized individual plan you will be more likely to succeed. A customized weight loss plan takes into account all your individual variability, including but not limited to your current fitness level, your individual preferences, and exercises specially designed to help any muscular imbalances you might have. A customized weight loss plan also reduces the risk of overtraining and injury while maximizing your fitness and weight loss goals. If you are located at Sacramento , we can help create the best fully-personalized weight loss plan for you.

Weight loss plan creation is a true science. It is more than just calories in versus calories out. While creating a weight loss plan, one has to take in mind the nature and preferences of the candidate. Our exports also note the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate via an assessment and follow them up regularly to measure the clients’ progress. If weight loss is your goal, at Sacramento’s Results The 24 Hour Gym we will help you reach your goal.
Another key aspect in our weight loss approach is accountability. When you sign up with us at Sacramento’s Results The 24 Hour Gym , we will make you fully accountable for your sessions making sure you don’t miss any. Accountability is more than just an essential ingredient in any weight loss program. It is truly the key for success on your weight loss endeavors. Lack of accountability can contribute to failure because it becomes easier to skip your sessions and not even feel guilty about it!

As it is evident from all the testimonies posted on Sacramento’s Results The 24 Hour Gym website we take weight loss very seriously. Our certified and experienced trainers will lead the way for you into a new healthier, happier, and much more exciting life. Even when you reach your weight loss goals, you will want to continue working out in our gym. This will not just be to maintain the weight loss that you have achieved, but also because you will have developed a love for fitness and exercise and you will be addicted to our friendly atmosphere.
Here in California, Results The 24 Hour Gym gym is truly the pride and joy of Sacramento. What are you waiting for come and visit us at Sacramento County’s Results The 24 Hour Gym website.

Results : the 24 Hour Gym is seeking 25 people to participate in a 24 Week Fitness Study, Participants must have 15-100lbs of weight to lose and be willing to attend three, 30 minute sessions per week and be accountable to a fitness coach.

This Free Study is designed to help you:
•    Lose Body Weight
•    Improve Muscle Tone
•    Control Diabetes
•    Manage Fibromyalgia
•    Reduce Cellulite
•    Enhance Overall Health and Fitness
•    Lower Blood Pressure
•    Decrease Cholesterol
•    Improve Bone Density

To Qualify:
•    Age 15-80
•    Must Have 15-100 lbs to lose
•    Not currently exercising on a regular basis
•    Agree to participate in a 24 week study
•    Attend three 30 minute sessions per week
•    Agree to follow a sensible eating plan Monday-Friday
•    Agree to record statistics in a private weight loss journal

Limited to the First 25 Participants!

START NOW! The Fee for the Study is valued at $549. However, we have taken care of this for you and you pay absolutely no study fee to participate. All that we ask is that you cover the low monthly maintenance fee.

In order to reserve your spot in the study, call 916-383-0123 or stop by in the next 24 hours. If you cannot use this special offer, you may give this to a family member or a friend. SIGN UP FOR THE STUDY BELOW.


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