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Results From Day One Training Program

It is a sad reality today that many people meet disappointment in most gyms. With growing concern about obesity many head to the gym to try and lose weight but after months of workouts, they see no results. Well that is not the case with Results Transformation Center. Here it is about obtaining results that will transform your life.

Let’s face it; losing weight does change a lot in your life. It could be the difference between being able to perform the easiest of tasks like tying your shoelaces or not. That was the story of Matt Weaver one of our founding members who once weighed 435 pounds and tying his shoelaces were a herculean task. He managed to use the same methods used by Results Transformation Center to achieve amazing results and now, through Results, those same methods our shared with many people in Sacramento and beyond.

With Results Training, you GET results and you end up a transformed person. It is not just another gym where you will find a lot of equipment and people doing whatever and in the end fail to meet their goals. No renting equipment or fighting for treadmills here. At Results you will work with committed trainers who really know what they are doing. True coaches who focus on your individual goals each time that you’re at the transformation center.

How does Results get such amazing results for so many people, so quickly?

The Results from day one program is designed to push, encourage and motivate you to achieve significant weight loss in as little as 6 weeks. We are also the only fitness center that we know of that PAYS you for losing weight. That motivates you with your goals and money! That’s right, you’ll EARN $5 for every pound that you shed during your program. There is no limit to your success! How the program works. The Results transformation program is a concentrated yet safe program methodically designed to let you see success in 8 short weeks but gets you paid for your successes in your first 90-days.

Day one will begin by giving you the truth, which is that your nutrition is very important. Our expert coaching staff will explain to you that without the right nutrition you will be wasting time spinning your wheels. The Results coaches will go through the recommended nutrition program for you to achieve weight loss taking you through what to eat and when to eat it, step-by-step.

Next you will get a trainer who will guide you through your exercise routine and movements as opposed to you working out on your own not knowing what to do.

Results Transformation Center believes in team workouts so you will always be surrounded by a fitness family who will give you the motivation you need. The exercises are versatile which will mean you won’t be stuck in the same boring fitness rut.

The Team Training Sessions are designed for people of all fitness levels right from beginner to fitness fanatic. We can help those starting off their fitness journey to those aiming to take on the next American Ninja Warrior challenge. At Results, we take the time to understand your goal and your capability so that you are pushed safely to achieve amazing goals in as little as 6-weeks.

It is also important that you the individual are committed to the program since a lot will depend on your commitment and discipline. 

So does it really work?

There are a number of people who have undergone the Results from Day one program and they have given it their stamp of approval. You can review countless testimonials (written and video) on our website, on YouTube, Yelp and even Facebook!

Don’t take our word for it, check them out for yourself before reserving a space in our orientation.

Rebecca says she has been to a number of gyms before but none matches up to the Results Transformation Center. She notes that the staff is very friendly and even though you are in a group workout you feel like they take a personal interest in everyone.

Karina on Facebook says she is glad she took the Results program to lose 20 pounds. She says she lost the 20 pounds in just 5 weeks, which is amazing because she has never been able to do that without being sick. She says she ate clean, worked out hard five days a week and the weight came off. She is now continuing on and is confident she will hit her future goals.

Claudia who had just been through the program for one week said she had already seen big changes and was feeling better physically and says the trainers are very supportive and the nutrition plan is very helpful.

So if you are tired of being disappointed with others you should try Results Transformation Center where the Results  program will transform your life. And remember, at the end of the 90 Days you will be rewarded $5 for every pound lost.

Come experience Results!

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