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Our Clients Results = Our Reputation

Talk is cheap. Sales pitches are easy. We are not a gym, we are a Transforamtion Center. Our success is based on your success. That is why we have committed ourselves to creating a life changing and empowering program designed to deliver the maximum results for our clients. The proof is in the thousands of proven case studies, testimonials and before and after pictures. We have been changing lives since 2006. In 2014 we expanded our Results Transformation Centers to 6 locations including Reno and Sparks and launched the NV Transformation Center.


We are not training for Powerlifting. We are not training to be on ESPN. We are training for LIFE! New and improved lives through building strength, endurance and self confidence. Our RESULTS focused training will help you learn all the foundational tools you need to succesfully transform your body! 6 Weeks of amazing transformations, 12 weeks of transformations....whatever it takes to get you the Results you really want from a fitness program!

Team Personal Training

Our approach to personal training is working in a team environment for motivation and support plus proivde UNLIMITED training at an affordable price. We understand most people cannot afford to work with a trainer one on one 5 days a week (plus it would be pretty boring) ... Our program is designed so you can working with an NV Transformation Coach on every single workout. Never repeat the same boring workout again. Not only are the workouts fun, adaptable and will burn between 500-1000 calories in just a single hour!

Our Fit Fam

We want to be more then just a gym. We want to create an empowering fitness experience and be best part of your day, every day! Our clients are not just customers or members, we consider them part of our fit family. We like positive, encouraging people in our program because that creates a sense of community that you will never find in a big box gym or a $10 a month program. Be a part of our growing community. 

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