How well do you know your booty?

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It cannot be denied that we do really feel insecure when it comes to our butt.

I think all of you would agree that Jennifer Lopez’s butt is to die for.

Apart from the fact that it defines her, she has a great voice and a killer dancing skills, we are also aware that she is also famous because of her booty.

While we don’t have JLo’s butt, it doesn’t mean that we are less perfect.

As beauty is subjective, we all have our own concept of beauty.

And by understanding your butt shape will help you choose the perfect dress that will flatter your figure, meaning you don’t have to go through bloody knife to get an instant butt lift.

How do you know your butt type?

Our butts come in different shapes and sizes but they all boil down in four types which are:

1. Heart shaped Butt

This is considered as the sexiest among the butt types. Heart butt is characterized by a smaller top and flared large bottom at the bottom by your thighs. Women with heart-shaped butt have smaller waistline. Girls with this kind of butt are lucky as this type is easy to enhance yet there is generally no available fat to create a bigger shape.

2. Bubble Butt/Round Butt or Cherry-Shaped Butt

This type of butt is generally even all around and appears round. The ration of waist to hip is equal. Although easy to shape, it also means that your butt is full and bulges out in the wrong areas. In short, you tend to have a muffin top. It can also mean that you have some cellulites that you would rather live without.

3. Inverted V Shaped Butt

If your waist is smaller than your hips with V-shaped is at its fullness at your hips and top of your butt yet narrows in shape and size towards the bottom of your butt, then you have inverted v shaped butt. This means that your butt is bigger than your waist. This gives an illusion that your butt is heavier. It is called V shape because the shape of your smaller waist compared with your larger butt forms into letter V. The V-shaped butts are also called pear shaped butts. You are disproportionately curvy compared to your bust as you have larger hips and love handles that you can’t easily get rid of.

4. Square Butts

Square butts are defined if you have the same size of waist to your hips. In short, flat butt, the shape of a square. Your body type has a low amount of fat at your waist.
This is hard to reshape as it will take serious training for a relatively long time. Not impossible
just have to work extra hard at it.

So if you are unhappy with your butt, knowing what your butt type is a step closer towards your dream butt size and shape. This is because there are certain workouts to shape your butt.

This way, you get the full benefits of your butt workout rather than following a routine mindlessly that cannot give you visible results right?

Grow a bigger booty without expensive and painful surgery. Get A sexy body like Kim K, J-lo Or Beyonce takes knowledge of the right type of exercise for the right type of butt.

And Hence the birth of Booty Friday Bootcamp!

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