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Before I explain all the different booty types let me remind you that our most popular program
“Big Booty Boot Camp” Starts this Friday 8/8/14 at ALL our locations. Believe me when I tell
you spots are limited.

It cannot be denied that we do really feel insecure when it comes to our butt.

I think all of you would agree that Jennifer Lopez’s butt is to die for.

Apart from the fact that it defines her, she has a great voice and a killer dancing skills, we are also aware that she is also famous because of her booty.

While we don’t have JLo’s butt, it doesn’t mean that we are less perfect.

As beauty is subjective, we al...

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This week I wanted to revisit a well known topic among the first timer and the every-timers alike. Sore muscles! They are real, yet the inescapable reminder can be mysterious in many senses. This week we dig into a little more on what to expect, why, and how best to continue working toward health and fitness goals. With this, it is my hope that we all can start to have a little more appreciation for all the repair and rebuild of those screaming achy muscles that we are oh so familiar with. Attached is an article about soreness myths. I have also included a link below for additional myofascial and soft tissue release related to joint pain for those of you with the extra time and curiosity (to...

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