Fitness after dark

Fitness After Dark

Burn The Fat After Hours!

Northern California’s ONLY Fitness Night Club! Fitness After Dark (F.A.D) offers an unparalleled fitness experience. FAD delivers Vegas style lighting, high energy DJ sounds and a off the charts group exercise routine. Each F.A.D offers its own unique party atmosphere. Come experience this themed fitness event! All Results Fans are welcome to attend.

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Stop kidding yourself

Your workout routine is a joke.

You’ve been sleep-walking from machine to machine at your health club for years with little or nothing to show for your investment. Or worse yet, you’ve cooked up a million excuses as to why you can’t work out. Your back is stiff, you’re too busy, and you’re too old—Come on now, are we that pathetic? It’s time for some rapid, healthy, drug free weight loss in Sacramento.

Our Fit Fundamentals and Fitness After Dark classes deliver GUARANTEED RESULTS. After one month, your transformation will be initiated. By month number two, your friends will want to know your secret. What’s it going to be. . . reasons, or results? Our programs are designed with all of the need progressions, variations and most of all proven GUARANTEED RESULTS SCIENCE that allows us to make walking talking billboards out of our clients.

RESULTS The Tranformation Center has the best Personal Trainers and they put together the most effective bootcamps with exercise progressions and regressions so that everybody can train at their current fitness level within the same workout.
Our BTF Bootcamp is all about BURNING THE FAT and BRINGING the FUN! Our sessions will help you feel better, have fun and look great. We like to think of our bootcamp sessions as a FAT BURNING, HEART PUMPING WORKOUT PARTY!

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